Portfolio: Writing

I’ve written widely for TV and radio, mainly documentaries, in various roles including including script consultant, writer and edit-producer. I’ve also written features for the Press including the Guardian and the Independent. It all helps narrating, especially when tweaks to a VO script are needed during recording.

NUCLEAR SECRETS was a BBC drama doc series that combined documentary elements with drama scenes written for actors. WHEN TOBY MET JULIE was a piece for the Guardian on the goings-on at The Modern Review. THE DEATH OF ISABEL SCHWARZ is an investigative article for New Society that provoked a public inquiry into “Community Care”. FRAGMENTS OF MY MOTHER are poems based on my mother’s words to me during the last troubled six months of her life. TO MY BROTHER are poems I wrote to my late brother Nic after his early and unexpected death.

The Spy From Moscow

The Death of Isabel Schwarz

Fragments of My Mother

To My Brother