Welcome to my portfolio.

NARRATING has clips from my VO work. DIRECTING has excerpts from docs made as TV director. WRITING has examples of TV drama doc scripts plus and a couple of Press articles. RADIO gives extracts of work as journalist and presenter for Capital Radio and BBC Radio 4, VO’d by myself.

Do get in touch via my contact page for any additional information. For artwork, please go to markhallileyart.com

Portfolio: Narrating

I pride myself on my versatility and professionalism. I work quickly and can help adapt the VO script because of my broadcasting experience. I am best known for narrating THE APPRENTICE but I do a wide range of VO work, mainly for TV. History, human interest, investigative, reality, science, current affairs, ob docs. Tone, speed and timbre vary accordingly. Broadcasters include the main UK terrestrials plus NHK and Discovery (eg NAKED AND AFRAID).